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We aim to provide our customers with affordable, competitive and reasonable prices, ranging anywhere from twenty pounds to several hundred for wedding cakes.


In order to calculate the price of your cake, a consultation is required; prices are based on size, ingredients and complexity. If you have contacted another cake maker and feel their prices are too high then provide proof of this quote and we will see if we can improve on it. ​

Please see below for examples.

Custom Cakes

Our custom cakes are suitable for any occasion and meet any criteria set, from Marvel to Disney, Birthdays to Christenings! 

Prices start from £30 


Custom made to suit any tastes and preferences. Choose multiple designs and flavours - our cupcakes are a vocal point at any tea party, occasion or celebration!

Prices start from £1.25 each

Minimum order six

Cake Pops

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, decorations and flavours. Quirky, unique and tasty everytime!

Prices start from £1 each

Minimum order six


Skies the limit here! Choose any design, textures, flavours, fruits, sponges, creams etc... Contact us for a consultation today!

Prices start from £180

Allergy Free Cakes

At no extra cost, we offer all our cakes and treats made to suit any allergy requirements, without compromising on taste and aesthetics - this includes Gluten Free, Egg Free, Nut Free and Dairy Free.

Note: All wedding cakes are available to sample before purchasing - this would usually be discussed during your consultation.

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